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From our initial discussions to the final presentation, we are your strategic research partner every step of the way.

AnswerLab helps brands bring a human-centered design process to every product they launch. We focus on user experience research to understand what people see, do, think, and feel when using websites, mobile applications, voice interfaces, AR/VR, wearables, and other digital products.

To answer your toughest questions, we use a range of techniques, methodologies, and best practices to support every stage of the product development lifecycle. Our research studies are tailored to your unique needs to provide clear, actionable recommendations that generate strategic business results.

Circle graphic showing three of using a design thinking approach plan optimize and measure


Define the direction of your long-term digital strategy.

Whether solving for long-term challenges or the here and now, AnswerLab uncovers game-changing insights by connecting with your customers where they work and live. We help you nail the right value proposition and refine product concepts before investing in development.

AnswerLab solutions to support planning:

  • Concept Testing
  • Contextual research
  • Co-creation design workshops
  • Diary studies (including mobile)
  • Ethnography
  • Focus groups
  • Innovation labs
  • International research
  • User-centered design workshops
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Custom quantitative research
  • And more...


Create digital experiences that deliver results.

By getting direct user feedback on live products and those in the design phase, AnswerLab ensures your digital experiences achieve business goals immediately after launch. We approach all your user questions from a broad digital perspective, then, deliver prioritized strategic and tactical recommendations to help your team make quick wins, improve your products, and keep your digital strategy moving forward.

AnswerLab solutions to ensure product success and adoption:

  • Usability testing
  • Agile user testing interviews
  • Information architecture research
  • Iterative testing
  • Card sorting
  • Tree-jacking
  • Accessibility testing
  • A/B testing
  • Eye tracking
  • Cognitive walk-through
  • Expert evaluation/heuristic review 
  • And more...


Don’t just assume your user experience has improved, prove it’s delivering maximum business impact.

As competitive landscapes change and users’ expectations and needs evolve – stay ahead of the game by identifying exactly how your property is performing, and what changes you need to make in order to please users. With our ongoing measurement solutions, we ensure those changes demonstrate a real business impact on your bottom line. 

AnswerLab measurement solutions:

With our measurement solutions, validate you’ve moved the needle post launch or uncover why key performance metrics have dropped:

  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Benchmarking and ongoing UX measurement
  • Competitive assessments
  • Intercept surveys
  • Mystery shopping
  • Quantitative surveys
  • Custom quantitative research
  • And more...


Ultimately, insights mean nothing without action.

We build reports, workshops, and user videos focused specifically on helping influence stakeholders to make changes needed to achieve your digital strategy. Our recommendations are clear, actionable, and generate results, giving you the best possible guidance on what to do next. Clients consistently describe our deliverables as the most polished and impactful in the industry. 

Example deliverables:

Example Deliverable - Grocery Shopping JourneyExample Deliverable - Recommendations Slide

Example Deliverable - PrePost Brand Metrics Example Deliverable - Detailed Persona


Other Ways We Partner

Creating better products takes more than just research

AnswerLab builds deep partnerships with our clients and sometimes that involves us helping them innovate and improve their internal processes, not just conducting research. To accomplish this we focus on helping UX teams scale their impact within the organization. Often our clients do not have enough time to address all of the research needs for stakeholders, let alone take a step back and plan for scaling. Here are some of the ways we provide support outside of the research lab.

Strategic planning & workshop facilitation

We plan and facilitate strategic planning sessions to help clients build a long-term roadmap, create team alignment on user needs, and plan for actionable next steps based on research insights.

Contact us for more details

Contact us for more details

Coaching UX leaders on scaling & team development programs

We coach UX leaders on where to invest in hiring, training, and building competencies to grow their research team. Our experts mentor UX teams, improve internal processes, provide guidance on research, and help scale their UX research practice to maturity.

Read our case study on strategic consulting

Read our case study on strategic consulting

Expertise in conversational interfaces and emerging technology

We invest ahead of the curve in learning emerging technologies, particularly voice and AI. When you’re ready to build research capability for your conversational interfaces, we are your partner to help you navigate it.

Learn more

Learn more