UX research for AI-powered products

Good UX design based on solid UX research is a critical part of building successful AI products.

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why you shouldn’t launch without research

AI has the power to facilitate many new modes of user experience and interaction.

In a moment of great excitement around AI’s emerging capabilities, it’s important to remember that a successful product will have to address users’ actual needs to be successful.

Good UX design based on solid UX research will be a critical part of ensuring you build AI-powered
products that are not only usable, but also provide a delightful, safe, and secure user experience.

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what research can do for you

We support product and research teams looking to elevate their impact with AI.

  • Understand the need and problem spaces
  • Discover value propositions and mental models
  • Validate and prioritize potential use cases
  • Evaluate concepts and demos and assess baseline performance of AI experiences
  • Identify and categorize potential AI harms
  • Determine how to address bias in AI
  • Explore the awareness and perception of AI among different populations
  • Uncover gaps in the approach to AI to ensure strategic advantage

our unique expertise

AnswerLab has conducted over 100 UX research studies focused on AI experiences, ranging in methodologies, product areas, and research topics. Our AI research expertise includes technical fluency, methodological expertise, and broader awareness of policies, impact, and ethics that will have lasting implications for all of us.

Our AI expertise includes:

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AI Ethics and Safety
Data Management
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Conversational AI
Computer Vision
Virtual Assistants
Embedded Generative AI
Consumer Experiences
Co-creation with AI
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Competitive analysis across AI products

meeting you where you are

We work with clients at every stage of AI product development, from concept testing through iterative design and onto live product evaluations. 

We have the technical capabilities to test a range of prototypes, platforms, and stimuli types, ranging from low to high fidelity.

Not ready to test a prototype yet? We conduct strategic research for clients earlier in the process to build stakeholder alignment, uncover value propositions, and explore user needs. 

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elements of a successful ai chatbot

Whether your organization is just starting to explore chatbots or taking steps to improve your existing chatbot, leverage insights from AnswerLab's UX research team. 

Download our guide to discover the top three elements any AI chatbot experience must have to compete in today's market. 

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