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Researching Youth: Harnessing the power and imagination of young people

Hearing directly from young people can provide the perspective needed to create products that actually reach and work for them. AnswerLab’s Mitra Martin digs into how to effectively conduct youth research— from designing your study to tailoring your moderation approach.

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How American Express Kept UX Research On Track With A Remote Best-in-Class Backroom Experience

Hear from American Express VP of Product Design & Research, and their Director of UX Research, on how their team pivoted from in-person UX to virtual workshops. The team's quick shift has ensured they keep a pulse on how their customers' needs are evolving in the current environment.
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Accessibility Research: From First Steps To Scalable Processes

Designing for accessibility means that millions more users can effectively use your products and services. Watch our introductory guide to help you start your accessibility research journey.
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5 Strategies To Maximize Your UX Influence

When the UX team is only one component of the chain of impact on products, how do we maximize our influence and ensure impactful insights for our stakeholders? 
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Meeting UX Research Goals Remotely: Providing Value in Challenging Times

Learn how UX researchers can adjust to remote methodologies, accommodate and account for participants’ changing circumstances, and ensure impactful insights for stakeholders. 
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