the basics of ux benchmarking to measure product performance

Thursday, September 22

what you'll learn in this webinar

Have you ever asked- or been asked by leaders in your organization- "How well is our product performing?" 

Fortunately, UX benchmarking research can help you answer that question by measuring the performance of your websites, apps, and other digital products. With data-backed insights, benchmark research can also help you identify new opportunities for improving your product's user experience.

Join AnswerLab for a 45-minute webinar where you'll learn:

  • What is UX benchmarking research? Is it right for my product?
  • When is the right time to conduct UX benchmark research?
  • What are some key things to know before starting a UX benchmark program?


Helen Herbst-1

Helen Herbst - Senior UX Researcher, AnswerLab Alumni

Tara Weatherholt_ccexpress

Tara Weatherholt - Senior UX Researcher, AnswerLab Alumni

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