how product managers can turn UX research insights into product decisions

March 13, 2024

about the webinar

The user research is complete. Your research partners have delivered a report chock full of findings and recommendations on how to improve your product's user experience. Now, what?

As a Product Manager, it's time to work with your UX research partners to turn those findings into actionable next steps and decisions for your product.

Check out the recording to get:

  • A three-step actionable framework for sorting and prioritizing UX research findings and recommendations
  • Concrete ways to act on findings
  • Techniques and best practices for sharing research findings with stakeholders and measuring impact 
meet the presenter

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Molly Kessler

Molly launched her career in Product Management and soon transitioned to the world of UX research based on her passion for using data to drive product decisions. Today, Molly is a Senior Research Manager at AnswerLab where she helps our clients leverage user insights to guide the acceleration of their product development strategy. 


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AnswerLab is a user experience research agency that helps companies create better technology experiences. Our 250+ research experts work with the world's leading brands to uncover UX insights.