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Work with a dedicated gaming UX research team who understands your needs, challenges, and end users. We conduct studies to discover valuable insights about players and help you uncover new opportunities.

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Our gaming research experts bring their passion for gaming and years of expertise to all your research initiatives, answering your toughest questions with innovative and specialized research experiences. Our targeted expertise across the gaming industry and with nuanced participant groups like female-identifying VR gamers, content creators, and gaming enthusiasts, makes AnswerLab a trusted partner to leading gaming brands.


top gaming and entertainment brands trust AnswerLab for ux research


targeted expertise

AnswerLab has been conducting research for gaming companies for over 10 years. Our gaming user research team brings years of expertise to all of your research initiatives. 

  • Game design and gameplay
  • Social gaming experiences
  • Accessibility


  • AR/VR experiences
  • Ethics and privacy
  • Testing live games
  • Testing prototype games
  • Menu navigation
  • Storefront experiences

customer story

A global gaming company asked us, "How can we better understand gamers' motivations and choices when playing video games?"

We recently worked this client to build a quantitative research study to explore user motivations and wants on a large scale, helping to drive future product development from a more strategic perspective.

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We've been conducting research for gaming clients and product teams for over 10 years.


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stay on the gaming forefront

Players have high expectations for the games they play. To deliver a unique gaming experience, companies constantly need to refocus their roadmaps, enhance their platforms, and keep a pulse on players' needs. Our expertise can help you get there.

We help you answer key research questions, such as:

  • What do people need from their video game streaming software?
  • How can we improve the game chat experience?
  • What tools do content creators need when streaming games?
  • How do we make the unboxing experience for a console more accessible?



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