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Design your hardware around real human needs. Test your products early and often to get critical insights for ongoing development.

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breadth of experience for deeper insights

We have extensive experience with a range of device types, including:

  • Smartwatches
  • VR headsets
  • Health monitors
  • Smart speakers
  • Gaming consoles and accessories
  • Smart home devices

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exploratory hardware research

AnswerLab's hardware specialists identify user pain points, needs, and industry trends so you can address them before manufacturing. With the right perspectives, you can develop scalable solutions that exceed customer and market expectations.

evaluative hardware research

Once your product is designed, we do usability testing to mitigate potential challenges and inform future product iterations. We help you eliminate mistakes that could impact the user experience—and trust in your brand.

finding answers to your most pressing questions

  • What is the optimal design for our device (size, shape, materials color)?
  • Will our device fit our users? How can we improve the fit?
  • How can we enhance our out-of-box experience? 
  • What are the typical use cases for our product?
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