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Our dedicated financial services team understands your needs, challenges, and competition. We do the deep dive to deliver valuable insights and help you uncover new opportunities.

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Consumers have high expectations and ever-changing needs when it comes to their financial landscape. To earn and keep customer loyalty, financial services companies need to constantly refocus their product roadmaps, shift service models, and innovate to deliver better customer experiences. Your customer experience is a primary competitive advantage.

research across sectors & topics

We provide customized research for companies across the banking and payments, asset management, and insurance sectors and in all major areas and experience topics, including:

  • Retail banking
  • Commercial banking
  • Neo banking 
  • Credit cards and accounts
  • POS payment networks 


  • P2P/P2B payment networks
  • Wealth management & investing
  • Robo investing
  • Property insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Lending and mortgage
  • Account enrollment or management
  • Customer service
  • Global emerging markets

answering your most pressing questions

Whatever the question your team is looking to answer, we can help you uncover compelling perspectives for the most valuable insights. Some of the financial services questions we’ve helped explore include:

  • Why are prospects dropping out of the application flow?
  • How can we incorporate customer needs when redesigning our global navigation and account summary pages?
  • How can we learn about customers' security concerns and align our product or service to safeguard private information? 
  • How can we learn from our competitors to create a best-in-class banking experience?
  • How have payment behaviors changed now that there are so many P2P and B2B options?
  •  How do customers research investment information?
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inform your strategy with syndicated research

Syndicated research reports from AnswerLab provide a cost-effective solution to get insights on key user experience metrics and inform your product strategy. 

Learn more about our financial services syndicated offerings:

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