Our financial services research practice understands financial products, consumer needs, B2B needs, your competition, and the problems and opportunities facing financial services organizations today.

We help financial teams of all types create value, respond to disruption, and manage in a rapidly changing digital environment. We provide customized solutions across sectors—all designed to deliver strategic insight into how consumers think and behave.

Research across financial sectors and topics

We work with leading brands in the banking and payments, asset management, and insurance sectors and in all major areas and experience topics, including: 

  • Retail banking
  • Commercial banking
  • Neo banks
  • Credit cards and accounts
  • Account enrollment
  • Account management
  • Customer service
  • Global emerging markets
  • POS payment networks
  • P2P/P2B payment networks
  • Wealth management & investing
  • Robo investing
  • Property insurance
  • Lending and mortgage
  • Health insurance
  • Auto insurance

Our financial experience extends beyond traditional industry clients. We’ve helped automotive companies improve digital financing and credit processes and assisted technology companies in understanding and building payment products.

How can our dedicated Financial Services team help you?

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Our Clients

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Some questions we've helped answer:

  • Why are prospects dropping out of the application flow?
  • How can we ensure we consider customer needs when redesigning our global navigation and account summary pages?
  • How can we learn about our customers' thoughts around security and determine what we can do to make them feel secure?
  • How can we learn from our competitors to create a best-in-class banking experience?
  • How can we streamline the estate care experience?
  • How can we best integrate the option to add a bank payment card to a digital wallet? What is the optimal location?
  • How have payment behaviors changed now that there are so many P2P and B2B options?

AnswerLab provides actionable research findings to teams who need to quickly identify and incorporate human insights at every stage of the development cycle—enabling them to deliver standout products and services.  

The team speaks with 100s of participants a month and frequently publishes trends that they're seeing.

Recent financial services insights and resources: 


“I’ve worked with the AnswerLab team at FedEx, at TIAA, and now I’d like to bring them here. They ALWAYS make me look good.”   

- Director of UX, Transamerica





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