PayPal asked us:

How can we develop a user-centered roadmap for our mobile shopping app? 

We answered:

AnswerLab helped PayPal understand the end-to-end in-store shopping experience, both domestically and in Europe, to drive new product innovation in mobile and online payments ultimately creating a “digital wallet.” Specifically, executives, product managers, and marketers sought to:

  • Understand consumers’ mental models while shopping
  • Evaluate the concept of a digital wallet to understand users’ expectations and impressions
  • Get insights into pain points and delights associated with in-store shopping to identify potential app features

To get a deep understanding of consumers’ challenges with in-store payments and potential digital solutions, AnswerLab recommended research relying on innovation games and ethnography techniques.

This included:

  • Simulating a coffee shop experience in a usability lab to discover consumers’ mental models and behaviors in various shopping scenarios
  • Asking participants to keep a diary of shopping trips and events and the contents of their wallets to understand pain points in their existing end-to-end shopping experience
  • Ideation groups with innovation games to encourage participants to focus on the shopping journey and pain points rather than specific technology solutions and features
  • Joining participants on shopping trips to observe their challenges first-hand


AnswerLab research drove the digital wallet product requirements and development. We helped business stakeholders understand how consumers perceive their existing wallets, see what other issues consumers consider in their end-to-end shopping experiences (such as shopping lists, loyalty cards, etc.), and evaluate which communication touchpoints should be included in the service.

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