Google asked us:

How do we help our clients increase conversions from mobile traffic so they continue to invest in and see value in mobile advertising? 

We answered:

The AnswerLab team helped Google understand common stumbling blocks for users on mobile sites and apps in order to help their clients develop mobile experiences that lead to engagement and conversion.

AnswerLab designed an in-depth UX research program to define best-in-class experiences for mobile sites, apps, and mobile retail interactions. AnswerLab UX researchers watched more than 300 users interact with over 250 digital experiences to learn common mistakes being made and opportunities for wins. The research resulted in three separate sets of principles for keeping consumers engaged with mobile apps, mobile sites, and mobile retail experiences.

300+ Research participants
250+ Digital app experiences studied


Google clients have used these principles to improve their advertising outcomes, contributing to growth of Google’s 2016 advertising revenue. The principles are evangelized publicly on the Think with Google website. Google also socialized the principles internally to define what good mobile experiences look like, both for internal product development and for assessment of non-Google experiences.

Check out the individual reports here:

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