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We believe inclusive human insights enable quality decision-making, create a positive impact in the world and meaningful business impact for brands. 

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Inclusive research is not a check-box on the path to launch but rather a fundamental change to systems, process and culture.

Our inclusivity research practice is continuously iterating on our approaches and educating our entire team.



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We help you understand how people from underrepresented populations experience your products. Our experience in recruiting diverse participants, accommodating accessibility needs, and uncovering meaningful insights, has helped clients across industries quickly and effectively identify opportunities for making their websites, online gaming platforms, and other products more inclusive. 

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What is diverse, equitable, and inclusive (DEI) UX research?

DEI UX research is research focused on individuals from a specific race or ethnic background, immigrant status, gender identity outside of male/female, LGBTQ+, religious affiliation, socioeconomic status. This also includes physical appearance (skin tone, weight, height).

DEI research specifically focuses on topics that make sure typically marginalized and underrepresented populations' thoughts and feedback are represented and respected in product development.

the AnswerLab impact

AnswerLab’s DEI experts regularly advise and collaborate on research. 

  • Intersectional research explore how individuals with multiple marginalized identities experience your product (e.g. Black and LGBTQ+, Asian and Non-binary)
  • Inclusion research ask about belonging or acceptance within a group or structure, ensuring the experience helps, rather than harms these individuals
  • Workplace research gather employee experiences on topics related to workplace diversity, sense of belonging within teams, or gender/pay equity

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