Inclusive research is not a check-box on the path to launch but rather a fundamental change to systems, process and culture.

Leading brands partner with AnswerLab to understand how people from underrepresented populations experience their products and services. With extensive experience in recruiting diverse participants, accommodating accessibility needs, and uncovering meaningful insights, our team has helped clients across industries quickly and effectively identify opportunities for making their websites, online gaming platforms, and other products more inclusive. 

This type of research is referred to as diverse, equitable, and inclusive (DEI) research, and today, performing it is no longer a luxury- it is a necessity. 

What is diverse, equitable, and inclusive (DEI) UX research?

DEI UX research is research focused on individuals from a specific race or ethnic background, immigrant status, gender identity outside of male/female, LGBTQ+, religious affiliation, socioeconomic status. This also includes physical appearance (skin tone, weight, height).

DEI research specifically focuses on topics that make sure typically marginalized and underrepresented populations' thoughts and feedback are represented and respected in product development. This form of research typically manifests itself in a few different ways within organizations, including:

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Inclusion Research 

Inclusion research asks how much belonging or acceptance these individuals feel within a group or structure. Does the group, structure, or experience harm or help these individuals? What is the gap between the underrepresented individual’s experience and the current experience?

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Intersectional Research 

Intersectional research asks how individuals who have multiple marginalized identities experience a group or structure. Your participant might be someone who is Asian and non-binary or Black and LGBTQ+, for example.



Workplace Research 

Workplace research revolves around how individual employees experience their workplace to gather experiences and feedback related to workplace diversity, their sense of belonging within their teams, or gender and pay equity.

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AnswerLab's Commitment to Inclusivity

AnswerLab strives to support and encourage inclusivity in everything we do. It’s one of our core values for our company internally and in the experiences we help our clients create.

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Looking for resources to help you get started?

We hear from many teams they're not exactly sure what the first next step is. To help, the AnswerLab team has developed a number of resources and best practices, including:

  • Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive User Research: Building a Framework for Today and Tomorrow
    In this resource, you'll learn how you can build a DEI research practice within your organization and discover steps you can take to move from your current state to a future ideal vision.

  • AnswerLab’s Guide to Inclusive Recruiting
    Re-examine and reform outdated research operations processes and recruiting screeners to ensure you’re reaching a diverse group of participants in all your research studies. Our guide will walk you through changes we made to our screeners and steps to adjust yours.

  • Inclusive Recruiting on UX Research Platforms
    Platforms designed to facilitate UX research processes can cut costs and time, but these benefits often come at diversity’s expense. If you use a UX research platform or tool for your research, use this resource to discover potential approaches.

  • How to Conduct Experience Gap Research
    An Experience Gap is a gap between a product experience for underrepresented users and dominant culture users. We recommend studying the experience gap by explicitly gathering data to understand how a specific under-represented group experiences the product. Read the article to learn how.

How we've helped clients uncover inclusive insights

Our clients come to us with a range of questions related to inclusivity concerns. Check out how we've helped clients reap the benefits of applying DEI research practices to discover product-changing insights and prioritize inclusive design.

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