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Understanding B2B customers and experiences requires a different approach to research. Our team leverages deep expertise and decades of experience to help you uncover what your business customers need, want, and value.

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putting our experience to work for you

The AnswerLab team brings 17+ years of experience in B2B products, SaaS, enterprise software, financial services, and more to your research questions. We help you achieve your goals by observing customer solutions within the work environment to uncover in-context experiences, exploring user personas and product features using qualitative and quantitative methods, discussing purchase decisions with organizational leaders, and speaking directly with employees to gather on-the-ground insights.

a tailored research operations approach

B2B research recruiting is highly specialized. Identifying and scheduling professionals in specific roles and responsibilities requires experience, flexibility, and ingenuity. The AnswerLab team recruits a wide variety of business audiences with careful nuance and specificity using our network of trusted partners and streamlined, goal-oriented screeners, including:

  • Advertising and media buyers
  • Data architects and scientists working with data integration platforms
  • C-suite members and executives
  • Minority small business owners affected by COVID-19
  • People making strategic decisions about the content that lives on their platforms
  • Employees who ship and receive packages for business
  • SMB owners who make purchasing decisions on their business software
  • Corporate credit card holders
  • Businesses looking for a small business loan or who have specific types of accounts

exploring your most pressing questions

  • How have payment behaviors changed now that there are so many P2P and B2B options?
  • What do marketing professionals need from a marketing analytics tool?
  • What’s a day in the life of an IT administrator and does our current platform meet their needs?
  • How do we better meet the needs of our Program Administrators that manage our corporate card programs?
  • How do we help our clients increase conversions from mobile traffic so they continue to invest in and see value in mobile advertising?
  • What are the responsibilities of data analysts and integrators? How will these roles evolve with the rise of automation and AI?
  • What are businesses’ accounting needs and how could business checking account websites and apps help streamline their responsibilities?
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