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Understanding users in pharma and healthcare requires a specialized research approach. AnswerLab's UX research, strategy, and operations teams leverage deep expertise and decades of experience to help you conduct research to uncover what your users need, want, and value.

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UX research can help pharma and healthcare companies identify new opportunities for improving digital experiences for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals with a focus on inclusive experiences that meet the needs of underrepresented populations. Our tailored UX research programs are designed around your research and organizational needs.

a tailored research operations approach

Pharma and healthcare UX research recruiting is highly specialized. AnswerLab recruits a wide variety of audiences - healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers, and others - with careful nuance and specificity using our network of trusted partners and streamlined, goal-oriented screeners.

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  • How can the medication brand website support a patient’s treatment journey?
  • Which digital tools from pharmaceutical companies are most valuable to healthcare providers and their staff?
  • What aspects of pharmaceutical brand websites do healthcare providers find most and least valuable?
  • Does our website or app meet the needs of an underrepresented population?
  • Where are there gaps in understanding about treatment options for patients and their caregivers?
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