Digital transformation is accelerating and it’s driving new customer behaviors at a rate that most companies have never seen. UX research has never been more important. Continuing to conduct research using remote methods allows you to connect with people where they are and in context, and ensures you keep uncovering insights to create products that succeed.

Brands need a partner who understands remote privacy and security, managing participants in dynamic situations, and a team that is experienced in working and collaborating in remotely.

AnswerLab works with brands to take the advantages of remote research and combine them with the best aspects of in-person studies. 


We help you reap the benefits of remote research, including:

  • access to a wider pool of participants
  • reaching participants who can’t get to a physical lab
  • connecting with participants in their natural surroundings
  • testing on a wider range of real-world devices and platforms in context

Remote research can be used to gather insights at every stage of development.

Remote research is more than IDIs and unmoderated usability. User experience research can help you answer questions at all stages of product development. Learn more about our remote research toolkit.


The AnswerLab Difference

AnswerLab’s 170+ remote research experts, all of whom are focused exclusively on UX research, are passionate about solving UX challenges. With years of experience with remote work, our team is skilled at communicating and collaborating effectively in remote environments. 

AnswerLab’s full-service remote research provides:

  • Participant connections in their natural environments on a wide variety of device experiences 
  • Best practices to ensure high show rates and minimal technology disruptions
  • Transparency throughout the research process with more touch points, debriefs, and opportunities for face-to-face interaction with our team
  • Customized collaboration experiences to amplify your study impact and create stakeholder alignment in the virtual “backroom”
  • Industry leading security protocols and compliance to ensure the highest level of confidentiality

Our remote research toolkit

Many common UX research methodologies can be conducted remotely using the right tools and techniques. Flexibility and creative solutions can convert any of these methods when in-person research is not an option:

  • Accessibility research
  • AR/VR studies
  • Benchmarking
  • Card sorting & tree testing
  • Co-creation & participatory design
  • Concept testing
  • Diary studies
  • Expert evaluation/ heuristic reviews
  • Exploratory research
  • Focus groups
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Custom surveys (panel or intercept)
  • Mobile testing
  • Ongoing UX measurement
  • Secure prototype testing
  • Unmoderated research
  • Usability testing
  • Workshops & stakeholder interviews
  • Custom qualitative research
  • Custom quantitative research
  • And more...

With years of experience with a remote workforce, we've tested a plethora of third-party tools, platforms, and resources that help gather insights. We're the UX research firm that knows when and how these tools work best (and when they don’t), so we can tailor solutions that meet your needs.

Our team approach ensures worry-free remote research

Recruiting OpsFully managed participant experience

Logistics experts responsible for recruiting, ensures correct project setup and smooth execution of research in remote environments

ToolkitResearch technology and IT experts

Technology professionals with years of experience with remote UX research, who ensure data security and privacy, with a robust third party technology toolkit

magnifying glass

Best-in-class research execution

Our methodological experts ensure project objectives are met, moderate with excellence, and create strategic, actionable deliverables

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