Designing for accessibility means that millions more users can effectively use your products & services. And while UX research is being conducted remotely, now is the perfect time to meet these users where they are, to gain accessibility insights that can enhance product development for everyone. 

This webinar is designed as an introduction to help you start your accessibility research journey. From taking first steps & including an accessibility evaluation into your current research process, to navigating the practical logistics you should consider when conducting in-depth remote studies. 

By being mindful of accessibility at every step of the UX journey, you can positively impact product development for your entire user population, while also avoiding added development and design costs fixing issues later on. 

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How to begin accessibility research

  • Best practices when conducting in-depth accessibility studies

  • The benefits and potential pitfalls of conducting remote accessibility research


Sonia Jacob, Senior Researcher, AnswerLab


Sonia Jacob is a Senior UX Researcher specializing in qualitative methods. She has experience in usability testing, in-depth interviewing, and concept evaluation. She has worked with clients on developing product ecosystems, social media tools/platforms, office space design, and medical technologies. As AnswerLab’s 2019 Research Fellow, Sonia led our inclusivity and accessibility practice. She is particularly interested in learning about the people we are leaving out of technology and what the results of that exclusion look like. To that end, Sonia has worked with low income populations, people with varying degrees of ability, teenagers, and older populations. She has also developed several best practices guides for working with marginalized populations. 

Watch the recording: