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Discover what’s happening behind the login screen of national banks' apps by accessing this syndicated research report based on expert research conducted by AnswerLab.


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This isn’t just research; it’s a strategic tool tailored to give Product Managers and UX Managers the intelligence to:

  • See how your banking app's post-login experience compares against industry benchmarks
  • Back-up your product roadmap with rigorous data
  • Navigate the consumer banking landscape with a clear map
  • Identify opportunities to fine-tune your users’ experience

research at a glance

AnswerLab’s Consumer Banking Syndicated Research Report features insights and recommendations from task-based UX benchmarking research on post-login experiences.

Using a mixed-methods approach with 100 consumers of 5 national banks, our research team analyzed critical user features within digital banking experiences.

The result is a unique report of task success and experience metrics.

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leading national banks' digital experiences measured


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Going beyond facts by also delivering actionable insights:

  • Through the user's eyes: Real customers tackle actual banking tasks in their own ways.
  • Learn from the leaders: See what top digital banking apps are doing right.
  • Guidance that matters: Get advice that’s not just about looking good, but actually being better.
  • Deep dives: We go beyond the basics to provide insights that truly make a difference.

exclusive tailored report readout

When you access AnswerLab's syndicated research report, you gain exclusive access to a tailored readout. Delivered by AnswerLab researchers, the readout adds expanded detail and human-centered examples to the report.

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Step into the next era of banking with insights that put you ahead. Learn how to improve your digital services and fully satisfy your users. Our Consumer Banking Syndicated Research Report gives you practical tools to enhance your brand.

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