Accessibility research enables you to create products that are usable by all people regardless of ability

Our team of UX Research and Research Ops specialists focuses on solving critical accessibility concerns and building accessible research experiences into your research roadmap.

Accessibility UX research will:

  • Gather data that more accurately represents your whole user population
  • Identify areas that interfere with any user’s ability to interact with a system
  • Discover early on whether significant, expensive accessibility issues exist 
  • Provide critical insights that help you innovate on your products, not just fix existing issues

Conducting accessibility research remotely has the added benefit of allowing teams to connect with people where they are, using their assistive tools and technologies in a realistic context.

We help brands address crucial accessibility questions, such as:

  • Do our digital properties satisfy accessibility regulations?
  • What do vision and hearing impaired people want from smartphone apps to manage real-time communications?
  • Is our website accessible for keyboard-only navigation?
  • What accommodations can we make to how our device’s screen responds to touch, such as changes in sensitivity or scroll speed?
  • How accessible is our platform to blind and visually impaired customers?
  • What opportunities do we have for WCAG 2.1 or Section 508 conformance?

Do you have accessibility research questions?

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We’ve conducted accessibility research for leading brands in a range of industries including financial services, technology, retail, ecommerce, pharmaceutical, and more

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The AnswerLab Difference

We understand the intricacies of accessibility research. Our accessibility subject matter experts have experience across platforms, industries, and populations. And we are familiar with running remote research sessions that commonly use accessibility tools, like JAWS or NVDA.

Our research operations team understands the nuances of recruiting for and creating accessible research experiences from start to finish. Specialized populations we recruit include those with:

  • vision impairments
  • color blindness
  • low vision
  • hearing loss
  • motor impairments
  • cognitive disabilities

AnswerLab also maintains a Trusted Accessibility Participant (TAP) group of available research participants with disabilities to help you get accessibility feedback faster. 

For more insights on how accessibility affects your overall UX and where to get started, check out these resources: 


Our accessibility research practice includes researchers who are Certified Professionals in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP).
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