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Hardware UX Research: Smart Home Device Maker

A smart home device maker asked us: What are typical use cases for our devices in people’s homes? Does our prototype fit those needs?

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Bilingual Website Evaluation

A leading online retailer asked us: How can we increase conversions from our Spanish speaking customers?

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Woman using a VR headset

Online Gaming Experiences for Women

An online gaming platform asked us: How might we understand the social gaming experience for those who identify as women?

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grocery store shelves

Leading Online Retailer

A leading online retailer asked us: How can we best serve customers who receive SNAP assistance? Would they rather shop for groceries online or in-store?

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Product Safety

A global product safety firm asked us: How do we improve our customer online portal for better more efficient service?

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Consumer Products

A global consumer products company asked us: How do we develop an international website strategy and still address local needs?

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