Do you know how underrepresented groups experience your product?

Identify your experience gaps. Create inclusive product experiences.

If you ask a member of a historically underrepresented group about their experience with your product, what do you think they would say?

You can determine the inclusivity of your products with Experience Gap research: Qualitative research with a specific, underrepresented population to understand their experience of your product or service.

Experience Gap research will help you:

  • Identify elements of your current experience that harm or help a specific underrepresented population
  • Identify and address harmful features, content, or imagery before launch
  • Diversify your user data
  • Benchmark the current experience of your product for a specific group

Conducting research with an inclusivity focus requires experienced and thoughtful design. Our DEI team is available to advise on all DEI-related research topics.


Recent AnwerLab Experience Gap research topics and populations:

  • Low-technology populations
  • Female gamers
  • BIPOC employee experiences
  • Black and Latinx small businesses owners
  • Youth on the autism spectrum

AnswerLab has helped over 30 product teams at leading brands identify the risks and benefits for underrepresented populations, including women gamers, Black and Latinx small business owners, and autistic adults.

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