Enabling Faster, Evidence-based Product Decisions with Ongoing Rolling Research

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A large multinational company asked us:

How can we utilize ongoing usability testing to guide product development and help our teams make faster, research-backed decisions?

We answered:

Our client, overwhelmed by the need for research insights but unable to keep up with the pace of product development, approached us for help building a program to maximize their research efforts. They wanted a better system for cross-team collaboration, quicker product wins, and research-based recommendations at the cadence of development to maximize their ROI.

AnswerLab designed a rapid research program to provide this client with consistent, regularly scheduled research sessions to enable continuous and sustainable UX insights.

A dedicated team of AnswerLab researchers utilized several methodological approaches including in-depth interviews, diary studies, concept testing, and exploratory research to meet the high demand for research insights and overlapping studies.

Our research objectives included: 

  • Supporting the client’s internal research and design teams by conducting consistent UX research
  • Developing a recurring research schedule to conduct at least two qualitative research studies each month, with the number of projects scaling up and down as needed
  • Creating a highly collaborative and flexible space for internal researchers to test, validate, and iterate on product and design elements


AnswerLab met weekly with the client’s research and design teams to discuss current projects and learn about upcoming needs for UX insights. Our researchers quickly connected and onboarded with product teams to analyze concepts and features in multiple stages of the development lifecycle. Integrating into their team allowed us to utilize a collaborative, transparent, and adaptable approach.

20+ Studies launched, moderated, and socialized through our partnership in less than a year

575+ Unique participants recruited to participate in sessions

160+ Hours dedicated to speaking with users to test and validate design elements and concepts

Our product findings allowed the client’s designers to make better decisions, while the consistent rolling research sessions enabled a fast turn-around time that informed experience direction.

Additionally, the customer insights we gathered were incorporated into a larger initiative to provide users with transparency and simplicity when it comes to using the product, ultimately launching new product features focused on research-backed customer values.


Learn more about how our rolling research engagements offer consistent research—from design concept validation to live products—without missing a beat in your development schedule.

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