Building a Research Operations Team Focused on Complex B2B Audiences

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A Fortune 100 company needed a research operations partner to help them scale their UX research recruiting and improve their research operations.  

While they had the capacity and expertise to conduct their own user research, they needed support for consistently finding and recruiting people in specialized B2B roles. AnswerLab provided a solution, and also stepped in as a strategic partner, built a dedicated team, and improved processes along the way.

We answered:

To meet their rigorous recruiting needs, AnswerLab designed and built a team dedicated to supporting this client. Our operations model included four team leaders to spearhead the launch and oversee the ongoing research projects. We also hired a small team of research operations experts to support participant recruitment from start to finish, while providing a true consultative approach to reach complex target audiences. All of our team members underwent special training with the client’s UX researchers in order to become subject matter experts on their various product areas. 

AnswerLab’s research operations leaders custom-built a recruiting function, hired and trained a team who could execute on the client’s complex B2B research operations and recruiting needs.

30+ dedicated Research Ops team members 
100+ projects per month

The client’s highly specialized audiences required us to screen by job titles, key responsibilities, and decision making power, as well as use of specific platforms and softwares. B2B research requires a careful approach and a deep understanding of who you’re looking for and why. Our research operations team developed in-depth expertise on the nuances of these audiences to provide seamless and successful recruiting operations to our clients. 

Adapting to growing research needs

As the research needs grew–to 100 studies per month–so did the need for members on the team. AnswerLab adapted quickly, hiring more than 30 recruiting experts and creating focused teams devoted to each product area to provide consistent expertise. We even started to see UX researchers returning to the same operations team member again and again because of their trust and confidence in their expertise. 

We also consulted on screener criteria and approaches to ensure we met research objectives, centered recruiting on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and prioritized participant comfort to establish a positive experience. 

Improving processes and protocols

But we did more than just provide a solution to their recruitment needs. As a part of this engagement, our team was tasked with improving processes, piloting new ways of recruiting, and refining best practices for their teams to benefit from.

We stepped in as true thought partners, iterating on recruiting processes and methods, building training materials and best practice docs, and providing consultative support to ensure we recruited highly qualified participants for every study.

AnswerLab was able to analyze workflows and identify pain points in order to continually improve the engagement and find solutions to complex business needs. Over time, we’ve built a deep level of trust with our client stakeholders, enabling the program to expand into new product areas and grow with the needs of the company.


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