A global Fortune 100 freight & logistics company asked us:

How do we identify and market a new internet and mobile service offering?


We answered:

The company wanted to identify and profile potential customers of the new service, define the unmet needs it might address, and get reactions to a prototype among the target audience. AnswerLab recommended a two-phase approach to address our client’s business questions. We relied on a quantitative approach with an online survey to profile potential customers, determine pain points with existing alternatives and understand use cases for the new service. We followed up with a qualitative, lab-based approach to get a deeper understanding of the key market segments we identified from the quantitative research. This allowed us to understand the “why” behind the delights and pain points discovered in the survey and to assess reactions to a prototype of the new service.


The company relied on AnswerLab research to determine the right feature set and design requirements for a new streamlined product to allow for fast and simple shipping across both web and mobile platforms. The research identified the right target audience for the service, and drove the marketing and communication plan to increase adoption and engagement. We also delivered insights beyond the digital product we researched; we were able to surface how the customer experience at brick-and-mortar locations impacted perceptions and behavior when engaging with the brand and fed a larger strategy that considered physical environments for the service.

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