Genentech asked us:

How do we increase sales with an app-based tool?

We answered:

Biotech company Genentech wanted to improve adoption rates of a tablet app intended to enhance efficiency of its field-based Clinical Specialists and increase engagement with health care professionals (HCPs) to increase revenue. The company’s goals were to:

  • Determine why app adoption rates were low
  • Identify usability issues, opportunities to improve, and recommend solutions
  • Establish benchmark metrics and track progress over time

To get a deeper understanding, AnswerLab utilized ethnography to observe barriers to usage in the field. We conducted in-depth interviews to delve into usability questions surfaced in ethnography and finally a quantitative survey to validate qualitative findings and establish benchmarks. The research revealed that technical issues, poor navigation, lack of sharing capabilities, and a steep learning curve prevented app adoption.


AnswerLab increased clinical specialists’ adoption of the app and frequency of use for improved sales efficiency. This significantly decreased clinical specialists’ reliance on print materials to reduce costs and increased engagement with health care professionals during field visits. We developed a defined approach for all future app development across the organization and put in baseline measures to evaluate all new apps across the organization that demonstrated how teams use technology.


Featured in Quirk's Marketing Research Review:

Read the full article here: How research helped Genentech improve its app-based sales-detailing tool

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