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Get a picture of your product's overall health to create better experiences for your users. 

benchmark research at a glance

Benchmarking research provides a measure of how your productdigital or physicalperforms with users. Ideally, this research is conducted on a routine basis, which makes AnswerLab's ongoing UX research engagements a great option for measuring your product's performance over time. 

Benchmarking research offers a variety of benefits that help product and UX teams:

  • Understand your product's overall health
  • Build a competitive analysis
  • Diagnose critical usability issues
  • Prioritize improvements to solve usability issues
  • Inform your overall product roadmap
  • Establish a proof-of-concept

get answers to usability and performance questions

AnswerLab's team of experienced UX researchers can work with you to conduct benchmarking research that answers important questions, such as:

  • What hurdles exist for users in the usability of my product?
  • How well does my product perform in the hands of users?
  • What areas of my product are most affected by usability issues?
  • What improvements can be made to improve usability?
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