Posted by AnswerLab Research on Aug 21, 2020

AnswerLab’s mission is to help create experiences people love, experiences that enable all humans to thrive.

We live in a world that remains filled with systemic racism, discrimination against under-represented groups, products that marginalize, and environments that may harm people. We recognize white dominance in the design & research industry, and inclusivity has been one of our core values to change our industry’s role in perpetuating inequity. We commit to continuing to do everything we can to make our world a more inclusive, safe and just one. 

As a human experience research company, we strive to do three things the best we can every day: 

  • understand people
  • translate their lived experiences into stories
  • and amplify their voices to people in power.

Standing up for others is in our DNA.

To make our world more inclusive and just, we:

  1. Support inclusivity within AnswerLab, build inclusive research methods, generate insights from our own research to educate others, and encourage clients to build inclusive designs.
  2. Create safe and accessible research experiences for clients, participants, and our people. Until there are widespread preventions, treatments or vaccines for COVID-19, we will not engage in in-person research.
  3. Work hard to ensure AnswerLab and our research participants reflect the diversity of people in the populations our clients’ products serve. We build a diverse pipeline of talent for the company and make our participant recruiting requirements inclusive.
  4. Recognize we were born to be allies and accomplices but do not yet have all the tools and skills needed yet. We educate ourselves, regularly practice, and get better. We partner with ReadySet to mentor us.
  5. Donate money and time to organizations that work to further our goal of a more inclusive, safe and just world. We grow our profit every year so that we have more resources to give back.
  6. Budget at least $1,000,000 to the above 5 initiatives over the next two years. We know that commitments mean nothing without the resources to make them a reality. These funds will support creating a strategic DEI practice, building new inclusive and accessibility-focused remote research methodologies, conducting primary research on inclusive topics in order to guide others, training our team, and donations of time and money. 

Great social change doesn’t happen overnight — or by one company or one person alone. It happens when large groups of individuals and organizations use their collective power to create a better future for all. We hope you’ll join us and look forward to your feedback. Our commitment will never waver.

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