A leading automotive company asked us:

How do we evaluate our site redesign, provide data on improved lead conversion rates and our overall brand impression?

We answered:

One of our automotive client's wanted to evaluate whether their site redesign had improved lead conversion and brand impressions. They also wanted to monitor the impact that their UX investments were having on multiple platforms in an ongoing capacity.

Research objectives:

  • measure and monitor the impact of investments made in desktop and mobile brand site user experience
  • identify site experiences, features, and functionality that require future investment for both platforms
  • prioritize digital spending based on investments expected to have the greatest business impact

Our team designed and conducted a desktop and mobile intercept survey to establish UX-based benchmarks. Once we established benchmarks, our ongoing program monitored those metrics over time. We held quarterly workshops with the team and prioritized our findings and recommendations to align with their KPIs and business metrics.


AnswerLab was able to provide targeted, actionable recommendations to improve conversion and brand impression in the site redesign, as well as baseline metrics to evaluate the redesign’s impact.

We also provided prioritized recommendations for ongoing UX investments based on business goals (conversion and brand impressions). Overall this established UX measures for an Executive KPI dashboard and performance evaluation increasing lead conversion.

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