How we helped an automotive client design a J.D. Power award-winning design

An automotive company asked us:

Which of our three prototypes performs best with car buyers?

A global automotive brand planned to launch a new version of their Features and Options functionality for one of its luxury car models. Three versions were created and product managers wanted end-user data to inform their design choices.

The client team wanted to conduct research that could help them:

  • Compare the car model’s target consumer expectations for and satisfaction with the three proposed designs
  • Understand consumers’ wants and needs regarding Features and Options content and determine which design best meets those needs
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed designs to identify pre-launch improvement opportunities

We Answered:

Our research team designed a quantitative prototype study with 200+ participants who met target consumer qualifications and intended to purchase or lease a new car. Through a randomized survey, three prototypes were evaluated, capturing quantitative, qualitative, and behavioral information.


Ultimately, the final design earned the client recognition in J.D. Power’s annual survey, which recognized them for having the best Features and Options functionality in the industry.

Our research identified a clear winner among the multiple design direction. We also found a number of additional recommendations to improve the selected design. Participants had preferences for feature access and requests for charts. And the data identified the most effective navigation. The product team was able to take this information and prioritize where they were investing development time.

The J.D. Power Manufacturer Website Evaluation Study examines the features and content of automotive manufacturer websites that shoppers find useful and engaging when shopping online for a new vehicle. The study looks at key measures including content, navigation, appearance, and speed.

Research can help you identify critical gaps and reduce risk and costs when launching a new digital product. Contact us for help meeting your product success goals.

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