A leading pharma company asked us:

How should our website best convey safety information to patients?

We answered:

The company wanted to obtain patient feedback to help determine which website format provided the best overall experience for consumption of drug safety information. AnswerLab partnered with the company to re-evaluate the way its drug websites displayed safety information to patients. AnswerLab recommended a multi-phase approach that included a heuristic evaluation followed by two rounds of remote usability sessions. In the first phase, the research team categorized drug websites across all major manufacturers by their presentation of safety information, and evaluated their effectiveness. In the second phase, we worked with a design agency to develop mock drug website concepts reflecting each of the major website layouts, and gathered user feedback and reactions to them. In the third and final phase, AnswerLab moderated remote usability sessions with interactive website prototypes that were refined versions of top-performing website layouts from the previous round.

Key research questions and areas included:

  • Usability: Appropriate treatment of required information, ease of finding safety information, ease of consuming safety information
  • Needs analysis: Understanding users’ intents, goals, needs, wants, pain points and delights when engaging with drug safety information
  • Balance: Determining the most effective treatment of content without detracting from the website’s overall user experience


AnswerLab captured user insights into why users preferred certain drug websites layouts to others, and identified the most effective approach for presenting drug safety information without disrupting the overall user experience. As a result, the location of drug safety information has changed on almost all of the company’s drug sites.


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