Voice technology has gone mainstream. Half of all smartphone owners used voice technology on their phones last year, with one in three using voice technology daily (comScore). Today, 47 million Americans use a voice assistant at least once a month, and by 2021, Gartner predicts the global market for voice assistants to grow to $3.5 billion.

Deliver a voice experience people want with contextual research

While the potential for brands is immense, so is the risk if you get it wrong. Consumers rarely re-visit a voice application once they’ve had a poor first experience. Nailing your voice strategy starts with understanding intents - how people want and need to engage with your brand. Users don’t interact with voice assistants in typical environments so now more than ever, context matters.

You need to meet them where they’re going to have those interactions: in the real world. Contextual research is the key to unlocking these insights and ensuring you are building for real life needs. Whether in the kitchen or the car, understanding how your users engage with voice apps contextually reveals the following:  

  • An understanding of how real-world environments impact experiences
  • Previously unknown user needs
  • Who your users are and their mental models and behaviors
  • Users in action in the form of audio and video recordings

AnswerLab's Approach

Upfront research isn’t as time and money intensive as you may think. Our contextual research approach involves participant diaries, video, and observation of your customers in natural settings.

Once needs are identified, we validate strategy recommendations against our experience of what voice does best and by surveying users to prioritize the ideal intents for your voice app. Because we know time is of the essence, we provide these insights in a matter of weeks, not months like traditional early-stage research engagements.

You get detailed findings and prioritized recommendations based on your business goals:

  • Insight into how how real-world environments impact your users’ experiences
  • New opportunities to engage your users in the right context
  • Strategic recommendations for designing your voice app’s value proposition and a prioritized list of intents that should be included in your voice app

AnswerLab knows conversational interfaces and contextual research.

We are the contextual research partner for the world’s leading brands - helping them navigate digital transformation from desktop to mobile to voice. We’ve conducted voice research for innovators in the financial servicesretail, and technology industries. Our pioneering research to understand how brands need to respond to new voice platforms has been featured in VentureBeat and Forbes. 

Our robust toolkit of voice research can also help you refine concepts, test prototypes, and create a cycle for iterating and improving your conversational interfaces.

Do you have questions about navigating your voice strategy or want help ensuring you launch with the right intents? Let’s talk.



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