AnswerLab allocates one million dollars over the next two years to fund diversity and inclusion initiatives

Posted by AnswerLab Research on Aug 19, 2020

Driving progress towards a more inclusive, safe, and just world is core to our values as a company. We're continuing to evolve how our business expresses and supports these values and this includes publicly sharing Our Commitment Statement and progress. You can see the full press release and read below for details.

San Francisco – August 19, 2020 – AnswerLab, the nation’s largest independent research firm exclusively focused on user experience research, recently published a statement of Commitment to an Inclusive, Safe, and Just World. The statement outlines six commitments and includes a budget of one million dollars. 

These commitments cover recruiting and employment practices, how the company delivers its research services to clients, and a corporate giving program. Specifically,  programs supported by this investment will include:

  • Building a diversity, equity, and inclusion practice within AnswerLab 
  • Investments in research methods to develop more inclusive practices, particularly in the area of remote accessibility research
  • Providing pro bono research services to organizations working towards equity and social justice in the United States
  • Conducting primary research on topics of inclusion and accessibility and releasing findings publicly
  • Financial donations to organizations working to further the goal of a more inclusive and just world

“We believe taking action to create a more inclusive, safe, and just world is a moral and a business imperative,” said Amy Buckner Chowdhry, AnswerLab Founder and CEO. “Commitments mean nothing without the resources to make them happen. We’ve made DEI the very center of AnswerLab's business strategy.”

Progress on these commitments is underway as AnswerLab announces the promotion of Shakima Jackson-Martinez to head their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practice. This new role will be responsible for building and measuring the efficacy of the company’s DEI programs. 

Jackson-Martinez will assess and evolve recruitment, retention, and development opportunities for BIPOC employees. She will also provide guidance to AnswerLab’s leadership team and corporate purpose activities to advance racial equity. 

“While many large corporations have a DEI function, they're not common in businesses our size,” said Buckner Chowdhry. “I’m grateful the business choices we’ve made in this past year mean we’re able to grow this investment in our values.”

Read the full commitment statement here.

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