An online retailer asked us:

How can we increase conversions from our Spanish speaking customers?

Our client discovered Spanish speaking visitors were converting at a lower rate than English speaking visitors. When tasked with increasing conversions, the Spanish-speaking market was identified as an opportunity to meet that goal.

In the US, more than 40 million people speak Spanish at home, making it second only to English. This is about 13% of the population and there are more Spanish speakers in the US than in Spain.

Our client wanted to know if this large market could shop on their Spanish-language storefront successfully. They also wanted to discover if users would be likely to return to the site and recommend it to others based on their experience. 

We Answered:

AnswerLab created a multi-round research program with bilingual participants who primarily spoke Spanish. A series of 60 minute in-depth interviews were conducted remotely by a bilingual moderator. Real-time translation was provided for client observers. 

We observed participants as they explored a website to purchase products using either their own pre-existing accounts or an account provided. This allowed us to see their natural interactions with the site while they gave feedback on what they expected, and what they actually encountered as they went.

Participants were guided to complete specific tasks on the website, and afterwards were prompted to discuss their overall sentiments about the Spanish language version of the store.


Firsthand, native-language insights enabled the retailer to apply a more thoughtful design process, improve usability for a key customer segment, and improve brand perception.              

Our research identified what mattered to the Spanish-speaking participants when designing a website for them. This gave the client a clear set of recommendations so they could meet their needs. By doing so they could build trust and brand loyalty, making them more likely to revisit and recommend the website to others.                                                               


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