Online platforms designed to facilitate user experience research processes such as participant recruiting and usability testing can cut costs and time, but these benefits often come at diversity's expense. Your product needs feedback from diverse and marginalized populations to ensure you meet their needs. To get it, you'll need to take some extra steps when recruiting participants on UX research tools.

In this free guide, you'll learn about:

  • The strengths of UX research platforms and the diversity-related trade-offs required for those benefits
  • AnswerLab's suggested approaches for your team to include more diverse perspectives more often in your user testing tools
  • Example timelines to help visualize what these approaches could look like for you applying these approaches 

Preview two pages from this 14-page guide (click screenshots, below):

A screenshot of the report page, including a table of potential approaches to meet your needs A screenshot of the report page, including an example timeline for setting up your research approach


About AnswerLab:

AnswerLab is a UX research agency that helps brands bring a human-centered design process to every product they launch. To answer your toughest questions, we use a range of techniques, methodologies, and best practices to support every stage of the product development lifecycle. 

Our team of UX experts has innovated on inclusive user experience research processes from participant recruitment to moderation techniques to help our clients and the UX community build more diverse feedback into their products.

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