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Apr 2011    

Insights, Updates and 'Aha' moments

Four Facts About Mobile: Why They Matter

Growth of Mobile Market Enablers in the U.S.

Are you tired of being asked about your mobile strategy? Here is why the question keeps coming up:
  • 90% of the world now lives in a place with access to a mobile network, according to the International Telecommunication Union
  • eMarketer forecasts 81.3 million units of worldwide tablet sales in 2012, up from 43.6 million in 2011
  • Nielsen reports that 31% of US Mobile Subscribers have a smartphone
  • Gartner forecasts that mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide by 2013
Once you have established how mobile can help you meet your business goals, you'll need to understand how your target audience uses mobile devices and develop mobile-appropriate content. AnswerLab has deep knowledge on crafting a winning digital content strategy across mobile platforms.

Convenience First: On-Site Applications for iPads

Tablets offer new opportunities for customer touchpoints, beyond just ecommerce transactions. Forrester's 2011 Mobile Trends report predicts that companies will leverage mobile by investing in convenient services for customers first (vs. acquisition or cost reduction). A ChangeWave survey also shows corporate usage of iPads on the rise across 6 business functions.

Companies in the financial services, automotive, and health care industries are taking advantage of innovative applications of tablets to keep customers satisfied through fresh forms of communication. In one example, a Fortune 100 financial services organization came to AnswerLab to find out whether their retirement enrollment experience for iPads would work, and how it might work better. It was a novel use of an iPad application - the iPad enrollment experience is intended for on-site usage with a financial services consultant. This required an innovative methodological approach, involving some moderated in-lab sessions and some involving a financial services consultant.

If you are launching an on-site iPad application for your retail stores, car dealerships, or financial institutions, AnswerLab can help you make the most of your consumers' digital experience with your brand and products. Please contact us to learn more how we can help.

Demo of World's First Eye-Tracking Laptop at AnswerLab

John Cheng @ BayCHI

During the BayCHI Eye-Tracking event at AnswerLab's San Francisco office on March 15th, our own John Cheng, Brennan Browne, and Julie Kwak shared Eye-Tracking Best Practices with an audience of over 35 guests from leading companies in the Bay Area.  At the end of the evening we had the good fortune to have a demonstration of the world's first eye-tracking laptop.

Barbara Barclay at BayCHI

Barbara Barclay of Tobii Technology, pictured above and in the New York Times article covering the prototype, gave us a sneak peak at this innovative new technology.

If you missed the event, but would like to learn more about the user experience questions eye-tracking can answer and its use on web sites, videos, ads, and software, please contact us for a presentation.

What is the Digital Marketing Outlook for 2011?

Digital Marketing Outlook for 2011

The Society of Digital Agencies asked AnswerLab to find out what over 650 marketers, agencies, and technologists across the digital landscape are planning in their 2011 Digital Marketing Outlook. If you missed the coverage in or AdAge, you can download the report here.

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Join Us at the Net.Finance Conference on May 16! AnswerLab will present with Wells Fargo on the value of understanding how consumers engage with mobile platforms.

See You at the UPA Conference In June. AnswerLab will have 4 presenters this year!

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