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Our latest observations in user experience research.

Transform Your UX Practice with AnswerLab’s Ecosystem Model of UX Performance

New plants ready for planting in the ground

…Instead, AnswerLab offers a model that won’t take years to fully implement in order to have an influence on growing revenue, reducing costs, or increasing customer loyalty. This framework allows for more permutations of success and invites various players in the UX practice to influence change and collaborate for success.

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What’s In Your Pocket? 15 Best Practices for Designing Credit Card Sites

credit card 291 x 218

Have you ever watched someone complete a form online? On their phone? It’s that type of frustration (or delight) that I observe on a regular basis in my job at AnswerLab. I have worked with a number of financial services clients, and it’s clear that the industry is getting the message on the importance of user experience to their business.

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Online Shopping with a Personal Touch

Woman Carrying Groceries on the Street

At AnswerLab, we love to try new online services. One exciting trend we’ve noticed is the increase of personalized shopping services, particularly in the food and fashion realm. There are many different takes on this trend, from employing real-life experts to creating great UX that anticipates the user’s needs.

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Creating Stellar Presentations: Four Key Tips


One way we build culture and foster growth at AnswerLab is by hosting monthly Learning Lunches, workshops on a variety of topics that are aimed at broadening our team’s personal and professional skillsets. Since we started hosting these events, we’ve covered topics ranging from building financial savviness to public speaking skills, to developing your own personal brand. […]

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Three Lessons to Design for the On-Demand Economy


Last month I attended the ever-informative Designers + Geeks Meetup here in San Francisco featuring speakers from four local startups that are part of the emerging landscape of an on-demand economy. Speakers included Danny Salvatori of Luxe Valet, Joshua Scott of shipping app Shyp, Morgan Springer of Sprig, a dining app, and Amritha Prasad of […]

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From Physical Product to Digital Experience:
Rethinking Customer Interactions

Woman in grocery store with shopping basket

We’ve reached a ‘digital tipping point’ – by the end of 2014, digital interactions are predicted to influence 50 cents of every dollar spent in retail stores. Most companies acknowledge that a significant portion of their future growth will be driven by digital efforts, yet less than half believe their company has a clear digital […]

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