Photo of Anthony Guarriello

Passionate about: Promoting design decisions that create equitable and inclusive access for all through human-centered and evidence-based research practices while being an advocate for all users.

Experience: UX Researcher with experience conducting research and consulting across various industries including behavioral science, healthcare, and technology. In addition to research and consulting experience, I hold licensure as an occupational therapist with specialty licensure as an assistive technology professional, possessing in-depth knowledge of accessibility features, assistive devices, and use of gaming, wearables, robotics, and VR/AR for healthcare purposes. My healthcare background has grounded me in human-centered practice and developed my skills as a knowledge translator and voice for my clients and users, while understanding a wide array of human factors that impact technology use across all industries.

Studied: B.S. in Psychology from Penn State University, M.S. in Occupational Therapy from Virginia Commonwealth University

For fun: Playing with my dog, learning to play music, cooking, martial arts, hiking, sight seeing, gaming and movies