Maximize Your Influence: 

You don’t have to be in the driver’s seat to have influence.

March 17, 2020, 10:30AM PT / 1:30PM ET, 45 Mins

As UX professionals, we’re constantly immersed in customers’ goals, pain-points, needs, and desires. We look for ways to use customer insight to move our businesses forward. Yet, we aren’t the only ones in our organizations impacting customer experience.

Our products are also influenced by product managers, engineers, and executives who may not agree with our points of view. When the UX team is only one component of the chain of impact on products, how do we maximize our influence? How do we make an impact in a noisy, crowded room with conflicting agendas?

Join us as Amy Buckner Chowdhry, AnswerLab Founder & CEO, shares stories of unsung UX heroes from American Express, Google, Facebook, FedEx, and Walmart, who changed hearts and minds and dramatically improved products and processes by putting their influencing skills to the test.

Join us to:

  • Gain specific techniques for engaging stakeholders, maximizing your influence, and advocating for your ideas

  • Learn the obstacles to influence

  • Explore real-world case studies to learn how different influencing strategies led to improved user experiences



Amy Buckner Chowdhry, Founder & CEO of AnswerLab



Amy Buckner Chowdhry founded AnswerLab over a decade ago to help the world’s leading brands build better digital experiences. Under her watch, AnswerLab has grown to become the largest and most-trusted UX insights firm, partnering with innovators like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Amex. Amy was named one of Fortune’s 10 most promising Women Entrepreneurs.



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