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When January 1 comes around, we tend to look forward — planning out the upcoming year,  brainstorming how we can improve upon last year, and setting goals and new objectives. Here at AnswerLab, we can’t wait to share new insights and UX research trends with you in 2023.

But before we started planning ahead, we took a look back at our most read articles in 2022. From how to solve customer experience issues to why you should conduct hardware UX research to the difference between findings and insights, our readers found these topics the most engaging this past year:

1. What are Research Insights? What Makes them Different from Findings?

In this article, one of our researchers shares their tactics for distinguishing the difference between UX insights and findings and how to make sense of them to enhance your research results.

2. An Essential Guide to Hardware UX Research

Late-stage changes to hardware can cost you millions. In this article, learn why you need early hardware UX research for your product and what types of questions it can answer for your team.

3. We are Seeing Dramatic Transformations in How Brands Scale UX Research. Will You be Next?

We fearlessly stated that 2022 was the beginning of the end of ad hoc research programs and that the shift to more sustainable models is finally here. Two years into a global pandemic, our Founder & CEO, Amy Buckner Chowdhry shared how brands are now utilizing enterprise research programs to meet their needs.

4. Building an Accessibility-Centered Product Culture: Insights from UX Leaders at Google, Sony, Meta, and Uber

To celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2022, we spoke with UX leaders from Google, Sony, Meta, and Uber to gather their thoughts on building an accessibility-centered product culture. They explained how they're overcoming barriers, reaping the benefits, and preparing for the future of digital accessibility.

5. What Can User Experience Research Help You Achieve?

People have high expectations of the products they use. 75% of companies think they’re customer-centric, but only 30% of consumers agree. In this article, we explore the ways we’ve seen UX research solve everyday CX issues.

6. UX Research in 2023: Patterns and Trends to Keep an Eye On

Last fall, we took a deep dive into the trends we’re seeing across our research and thought about how our clients could address them in 2023. Whether you’re launching a new product or  wanting to implement DEI practices, we identified trends and patterns for you to keep an eye on.

7. Best Practices for Inclusive LGBTQIA+ Research

During Pride Month, Brenna Traynor, Principal UX Researcher, wrote this article on why inclusive research is critical, particularly with LGBTQIA+ populations. Representative samples are vital to the success of research. Whether you want to conduct an experience gap study or make sure you’re including the LGBTQIA+ community in your recruitment efforts, read on to learn inclusive research practices you need to consider and implement throughout the research lifecycle.

8. Why aren't we Retaining Customers? How can UX Help?

A client came to us with a customer retention problem and they needed our help understanding why. Check out how mixed methods UX research, rather than just usability, helped us answer their question.

9. New Resource: Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive User Research: A Framework for Today and Tomorrow

Inclusive research is a critical part of every UX research program, from ensuring a diverse recruit in every study to conducting intentional research with underrepresented populations. In our guide to DEI user research, you will take away steps to implement right now to create inclusive experiences.

10. Building Great Discussion Guides: How to Rethink the Most Important Part of your Research Prep Process

Intentionally putting high-quality creative time into discussion guide development is one of the most impactful things you can do to transform a pedestrian study into an experience that’s truly illuminating. Check out the key takeaways on how to take your research discussion guides to the next level.

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