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Client Testimonials

See what our clients say about our user experience expertise.

AnswerLab understood our complex business needs better than any other firms we considered. They are not only top notch research experts, but also adaptable to change. - Katie Evans
Director, Requirements and Design
AnswerLab has delivered user insights across the globe on PayPal’s mobile web site, mobile application, and our full web site…AnswerLab consistently delivers creative solutions and spot-on recommendations. - Kuldeep Kelkar
Head of Global Experience Research
From their initial proposal to the lab sessions to the final presentation, AnswerLab’s quality has been top notch. - Kate Aronowitz
Director, User Experience Design
The AnswerLab team continues to exceed expectations in account mangement, follow up, and organization. The final presentations are high quality and overall communication is very strong. - VP Digital Experience Design
Fortune 100 Financial Services Company
I am really impressed by Answerlab. The final product blew my internal client away. The team was really a partner for me. - Fortune 50 Global Retailer
“I am very pleased with AnswerLab’s commitment to delivering quality results… Our management has been pleased with the quality of work as well as the professional way with which findings and recommendations have been reported.”Cheri Wade
Digital User Experience Marketing Specialist Advisor

“The ongoing benchmarking research has been critical in guiding our global website re-design, and now we will have a continuous reference point for our decision making going forward.”

Alexis Cardona
Transitions Optical

“In my first time working with AnswerLab, I found them to be pretty impressive in comparison to other firms. The researchers were amazing and understood the business. I chose AnswerLab because I needed international support and AnswerLab delivered excellent service.”

Executive Director of UX
International Advertising Agency

“AnswerLab provided us the ability to get answers about our customers – quickly The level of service they provided, combined with the quality of their reporting helped our team make informed marketing decisions.”

Jennifer Toton
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

“The ‘Go To’ firm for customer insights into the use of mobile technology.”

Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

“We’ve been impressed by how AnswerLab so quickly synthesizes their findings into high-level and clearly articulated insights. But delighting us even more have been the right-on recommendations.”

Patrick Houston
General Manager

“They are industry leaders in user experience research.”

Leading Global Interactive Entertainment Company

“AnswerLab is insightful, responsive and a trusted source for user research.”

Fortune 50 Global Retailer

“I was particularly impressed with how thoroughly AnswerLab helped me understand the benefits of eye tracking and helped me sell the project internally. I appreciated that the team offered insights from other reference accounts and was really focused on the quality of results. My team internally is raving about the data.”

Product Manager
Global, Internet Company

“I was very pleased with the study, final documentation, and delivery of the research. There was good, clear communication between the AnswerLab research team and flexibility when we needed to modify/change things at last minute. Excellent work.”

User Experience Design, Digital Strategy
Fortune 50 Technology Company

“AnswerLab did a fantastic job. The team wasn’t given a clear task and they did a great job handling our changing priorities and putting a framework on an ambiguous project. Everything was delivered on time and the AnswerLab team communicated very well. I plan to use AnswerLab again.”

Information Architecture
Digital Media Global Media Company

“The AnswerLab team was very flexible, and the final presentation was very clear, well-written, and the team promptly answered questions. Overall I got good value for the money.”

Fortune 50 Consumer Packaged Goods Company

“The whole AnswerLab team is very strong. The research was thorough, the final report validated data that had been collected internally, and I appreciated that the team was very responsive and very patient with [our company] as dates moved around.”

Fortune 100 Technology Company

“AnswerLab does a very effective job leveraging knowledge from earlier rounds of research. They have a great grasp of our needs, and they delivered a very complex study on time. The final presentation was strong and consolidated a significant amount of feedback with context.”

Global, Multi-billion dollar Pharmaceutical Company

“AnswerLab is expert at what they do.”

B-to-B SaaS Company

“I rarely give high praise but the AnswerLab is terrific. Our account manager engaged quickly and clearly understood timing needs and got the project underway in record time. The research was enormously insightful. The AnswerLab team is full of nimble, smart people.”

Automotive Software

“It was an excellent experience. The AnswerLab team communicated very proactively, everything was delivered in timely fashion and the final report was very good.”

Fortune 100 Internet Company

“AnswerLab is very professional and was excellent at meeting an aggressive timeline. The AnswerLab team worked well with a difficult client and handled the situation professionally.”

Usability Analyst
International Advertising Agency

“The AnswerLab team was really flexible, had great attention to detail, was proactive in answering questions and made sure study met my needs. The final report was inclusive and so well written that I could hand it over to someone not involved in the project and the reader could capture the essence of the study.”

Fortune 500 Automotive Company

“I was very pleased with the organization and communication style of the AnswerLab team. I was also impressed at how well the moderator handled the variety of mobile devices being used by participants, and the report was strong.”

Fortune 500 Nationwide Retailer

“I appreciate the depth and breadth of AnswerLab’s expertise and their specialization. They are adroit at working with a larger company and understanding our needs.“

Global, Consumer Packaged Goods Company

“In all my AnswerLab engagements, the work is consistent –the team is fast to turn around key components, is accommodating, and is very professional. The results are awesome and the projects are successful. I have already recommended AnswerLab to colleagues.”

Business Manager
Interactive Agency

“Methodologically, our study was well constructed; the survey really captured consumer behavior in its true form. The final report exceeded expectations; my boss expressed how happy he was with the presentation.”

Global, eCommerce Company

“AnswerLab rocks in my book. They are a great partner to work with.”

Colleen Kersting
eMarketing North America
Harley Davidson


“AnswerLab is a true partner that helps agencies and their clients delve into the mindset of an online consumer experience to provide valuable insights.”Matt Price
Sr. Account Manager
Critical Mass

“AnswerLab’s recommendations were spot on. I was impressed at how well the team is focused on learning more from [our company’s projects] at each study so they can do better in future. The team is very strong.”

Global, Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

“The AnswerLab team is flexible and willing to work on less-than-prime-time products — everything from paper prototypes to a semi-functioning UI to complete products. The team is really good at probing on our goals and then focusing the research to what is important to our business.”

Lead Product Manager
Leading Gaming Company

“AnswerLab provided valuable new insight into our customer’s needs… I would absolutely work with them again.”

Kristy Melgoza
Manager User Experience

“AnswerLab is dependable and a committed team member. They are knowledgeable and go out of their way to find insightful answers to our questions.”

Global, Fortune 100 Company

“The AnswerLab team is very collaborative and full of good listeners. They understand the business objectives and questions our research needs to address, and they deliver results on time in a high-quality report.”

Design Lead
International Software Company

“AnswerLab is a one-stop shop for all UX research needs with a robust tool kit, amazing people, and dedication to client needs.”

Leading US Financial Institution

“AnswerLab’s insights are intelligent and actionable, and they are very professional and accommodating.”

Director of Digital Strategy & Experience
Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

“AnswerLab’s experience, expertise, flexibility, actionable insights and attention to customer service add up to a winning combination.”

Global, Auto Manufacturer

“A go-to partner for Usability Testing in order to get comprehensive, thoughtful, and trusted user experience feedback.”

Interactive Agency Serving Fortune 500 Clients

“The AnswerLab team really did a great job and we were very pleased with their work. They really helped us address several deficiencies in our product and communicate the need for change to executives.“

Director, Consumer Insights
Global Internet Company

“[Our AnswerLab researcher] is the consummate professional and had a great understanding of the team’s goals –including the big picture, not just what related to her specific project–and executed the research flawlessly.”

Leading US Financial Institution

“I was impressed with how well the AnswerLab team understood what our website is trying to accomplish. The final report and findings were good and the AnswerLab team was tactful in their presentation of issues.”

Global, Auto Manufacturer

“AnswerLab’s mobile testing expertise is apparent. I got good guidance on how to structure the test to achieve our objectives and AnswerLab presented a creative, clever solution for videotaping the research.”

Sr. Manager, User Experience Research
Leading eCommerce Site

“In my first experience with AnswerLab I found the team to be well organized, personable, and responsive. They handled and met tight deadlines, and delivered a strong final report was strong that had good insights.”

Multi-billion dollar financial services firm

“AnswerLab is great on customer service and customer engagement. They know how to do research and it’s obvious. The report included actionable results and good insights.”

Non-profit Serving Over 3 Million People

“[Our AnswerLab researcher] did an exceptional job and was knowledgeable about the product and was able to draw out the participants. AnswerLab delivered an excellent final presentation and facilitated an excellent discussion with those who were not directly involved in the research.”

Digital Access Marketing
Global, Fortune 100 Company

“The research is well-managed and the whole process is very organized, so I don’t need to worry about project details. The AnswerLab is team very collaborative and creative in suggesting approaches to a project; they do not take a cookie-cutter approach.”

Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

“AnswerLab delivered as always and did excellent work.”

Global Auto Manufacturer

“AnswerLab exceeded my expectations in various areas. They excelled on design and the thought put into it, and the AnswerLab team was very attentive to my team.”

Senior Manager, Consumer Insights,
Fortune 500 Internet Company

“AnswerLab listened to our needs as a client and they were very receptive to our feedback. Everyone that worked with us was knowledgeable about the field, friendly, and professional. I would know that recommending this company to a colleague would produce similar results.”

Senior User Experience Analyst,
Global Financial Institution

“AnswerLab was always available for questions, easy to get hold of, and very responsive. The final report was strong and the data was easy to digest.”

Analyst, Strategy & Analysis
Global Brand Agency

“I was very pleased with how collaborative the AnswerLab team was in working with us on the prototypes for our research. They really helped identify areas that needed to be tested and were able and willing to determine how different regions could be tested to represent their differing needs. The management team was very impressed with the final report.”

Digital Access Marketing
Global, Fortune 100 Company

“AnswerLab really understands our company culture and the needs of the executive team. They do an outstanding job.”

Global, Fortune 100 Company