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Our latest observations in user experience research.

Tag Archive: UX methodologies

Shipping up to Boston: Industry Trends from the
2014 Boston UXPA Conference

Map of Boston

Recently, the AnswerLab crew “shipped up to Boston” for the annual Boston UXPA Conference, and while no wooden legs were found we all most definitely had a blast. On the eve of the conference, we hosted a trivia night to test the UX knowledge of our peers at a local pub. We spent the following […]

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RITE – When you need to know which way to go fast!

Indian Jones running from a boulder

While in-depth user research is invaluable for honing insights throughout the development cycle, some design and development teams will benefit from studies with a rapid turnaround time, performed with fewer participants than a traditional study. These zippy studies identify the low-hanging fruit and suggest ways to move forward quickly in order to speed the design […]

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The Formula for A-ha! UX Insights: How Much + Why

Blog_lucy _desi

Kirk and Spock, Bert and Ernie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – pop culture is full of dynamic duos who are better together than alone. As user researchers we could learn a little something from these pairs. All too often we divide our research into separate bins – those that involve quantitative methods that […]

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Get Creative: 7 User Research Methods to Grow Your Toolkit

Participant interview for User Testing

While usability testing is critical to ensuring overall success of an experience, it’s not the only user testing method going. We want to share a quick cheat sheet to some of the most effective UX research methods we practice here at AnswerLab that you may not have tried. Learn what they are, when to use them, and why you should.

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How Does Your Website or App Stack Up Against UX Best Practices?


An Expert Evaluation Can Bring Your Digital Strategy into Focus This time of year, the AnswerLab team consults with many of our clients who are in the thick of year-end planning for various User Experience projects – whether it be a site redesign, enhancement, or new app. As year-end deadlines draw near, there are often […]

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