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Our latest observations in user experience research.

Tag Archive: user experience expertise

What’s In Your Pocket? 15 Best Practices for Designing Credit Card Sites

Have you ever watched someone complete a form online? On their phone? It’s that type of frustration (or delight) that I observe on a regular basis in my job at AnswerLab. I have worked with a number of financial services clients, and it’s clear that the industry is getting the message on the importance of user experience to their business.

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Grooming a Herd of UX Unicorns

unicorn drawing on notebook paper

I recently had the opportunity to hear Jared Spool address a packed BayCHI audience to discuss what makes a great experience designer. Titled “It’s a Great Time to be a UX Designer,” the talk reminded us about the growing demand for quality UX designers, or as Spool refers to them, “unicorns.” These unicorns are people […]

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Four Attributes to Look for When Hiring a User Experience Design Executive

Last week I talked about how User Experience Design is the New Marketing. Companies that are positioning themselves for success see the increasingly digital, socially-networked world of the future and are structuring their companies to address these new changes and challenges. If you’re a CEO you now need to think about how to identify top […]

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Building a Great UX Research Team: It Happens One New Hire at a Time

As the Research Director leading our 2012 initiative to substantially grow our research team in the coming year, many people ask me the secret to finding the great talent that we’re known for. There are a few challenges – the industry is booming and competition for the best candidates can be fierce. Also, unlike some […]

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