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Our latest observations in user experience research.

Tag Archive: user-centered design

5 Proven Ideas To Spur Innovation

Successful product innovation doesn’t just happen. It originates with creativity, but it also requires careful, systematic execution. Innovation expert and founding team member Jeff Hoffman shared this counsel in a webcast for AnswerLab clients. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeff for the webcast, where we discussed a variety of topics focused on the […]

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Nest Thermostat Learns and Adapts to User Behavior


At AnswerLab, the management team works hard to create and promote a culture of innovation. That love of innovation starts with employees, who share a passion for all things digital. Our passion for technology is encouraged by way of a handsome technology benefit. As a result of this tech benefit, I’ve been able to purchase an original iPad when it first came out, lots of fun and interesting software, and most recently, a new thermostat.

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