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Our latest observations in user experience research.

Tag Archive: Technology

We Tried It! Misfit Shine

The Mistfit Shine is a wearable activity monitor. It’s fun! Hear me out: “activity monitoring” doesn’t have the sexiest ring to it, but the Misfit Shine’s sleek design, robust data collection, and interactive mobile and web dashboards turn dull work into healthy play.

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Is Your Business Ready-To-Wearables?

Several fitness trackers on wrist

Several years ago during the holiday time, Answerlab evaluated various fitness trackers on the market and decided to make a strategic investment in a Fitbit for every employee.  This investment was part of our ongoing effort to make AnswerLab a great work environment, and a way to get our team thinking about the future of […]

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Moto X: The Well-Behaved New Kid in Town

Moto X Smartphone

When I was growing up, teachers always put me in charge of welcoming new kids; spending extra time to show them around, teaching them our cafeteria rules, and desperately trying to find what they were good at. Fast-forward 20-some years, and having to set up a new phone and learn its functionality always brings back […]

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TripIt Pro Knows Travelers: The App Proves It

Mobile Phone with trip it mobile app screen

At AnswerLab, employees receive an annual “tech benefit,” an allowance that encourages us to purchase new digital tools and technologies to make our work or personal lives easier and to try out innovations in user experience. My most recent purchase, TripIt Pro, is a travel planning app that creates a detailed itinerary by scraping data […]

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This is Your Brain on Games

Given my background in digital user experience research and psychology, it’s perhaps no surprise that I was immediately intrigued when I first heard of Lumosity. Many of us go to great lengths to make sure our body is and stays fit. But what do we do to make sure our brain stays fit? Science suggests: play games!

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Nest Thermostat Learns and Adapts to User Behavior


At AnswerLab, the management team works hard to create and promote a culture of innovation. That love of innovation starts with employees, who share a passion for all things digital. Our passion for technology is encouraged by way of a handsome technology benefit. As a result of this tech benefit, I’ve been able to purchase an original iPad when it first came out, lots of fun and interesting software, and most recently, a new thermostat.

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