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Our latest observations in user experience research.

Tag Archive: strategy

User Experience Design is the New Marketing

In the history of business, there have been a handful of examples of business functions that get their start as an idea adopted by a few early adopters and gradually make their way into the core fabric of the corporate world. In 1950 the idea of “Marketing” barely existed. Companies were essentially led by three […]

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Zipcar Puts the Customer in the Driver’s Seat and Delivers a Holistic User Experience

At AnswerLab, we advise many companies that grapple with a substantial strategic challenge: How to ensure they provide a seamless, unified customer experience across channels, including online, mobile, brick-n-mortar, and phone. Zipcar is clearly rising to the challenge, providing a holistic user experience across touchpoints. After joining AnswerLab in July, I signed up for a […]

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5 Key Insights from the Strategic Growth Forum

Recently, I had the honor of being selected as one of Ernst & Young’s 2011 Entrepreneurial Winning Women. The Award offered the opportunity to attend the Strategic Growth Forum (SGF) in Palm Springs, where more than 2,300 of the world’s top CEOs and other business leaders gathered to: • Master strategies for company growth • […]

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FedEx Walks the UX Walk

For the third year in a row, FedEx invited AnswerLab to participate in their World Usability Day event. And, it IS an event. FedEx’s Digital User Experience Team organizes a day-long conference as a forum for sharing ideas, best practices and networking opportunities with user experience leaders from FedEx, other leading companies such as Microsoft, […]

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Product Lifecycle User Research

User research, when applied to an entire product lifecycle, has tremendous advantages. Stakeholders are afforded the opportunity to benchmark their existing product, learn from users as they interact with prototypes and early concept ideas, shape the product offering as a result, and apply those decisions to the redesign. And once the product has been redesigned, […]

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