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Our latest observations in user experience research.

Tag Archive: mobile

Pocket Hospital? Tour the Mobile Healthcare Revolution

Digital Medical Experiences

Technology is shaking up healthcare – and not just with advances in medical devices and electronic medical records. Each of us is poised to become our own mobile lab simply by harnessing technology that’s already in our pockets. While the health-minded have been using mini devices to monitor daily movement (e.g. Fitbit) or track their […]

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Best Practices for Quantitative User Experience Research on Mobile Sites

Mobile Survey Taker

Mobile sites have evolved into a critical consumer touchpoint that impacts retention and conversion and ultimately the overall value of a brand. With 24/7 access, a mobile site is an essential element of a cross-platform, full digital strategy, allowing brands to deliver marketing or unique experiences in a totally different way from other channels. That’s why it is crucial to quantitatively measure the user experience on a mobile site to understand behaviors on the channel, track KPIs, ensure the user experience is optimized, and identify pain points and strategies for ongoing enhancements to drive overall engagement and provide an exceptional user experience.

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Four Students, an Android, and a (Virtual) Frog

During the past four months, I was part of something incredible – the 2012 Technovation Challenge! This national program pairs small groups of high school girls with women mentors within the technology industry, with the aim of inspiring girls to become entrepreneurs and see themselves as creators of technology. Each Wednesday evening for ten weeks, […]

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Mobile User Insights

AnswerLab has been at the forefront of mobile user experience research since 2005, when we helped Yahoo! develop their first mobile web site.  With the launch of the iPhone 4S and voice-activated mobile experiences, we are confronting another game-changing way we engage with our mobile devices.  It seems like an opportune time to reflect on […]

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10 Mobile Usability Testing Tips

Years of mobile testing have led to a number of items that we, as user experience researchers, consider whenever we set out to conduct a test that takes place on a mobile device such as a personal phone or iPad. In somewhat more typical test, participants will arrive at a lab and use a generic […]

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In the Lab: Image Capture Devices

AnswerLab partners with clients to build oustanding mobile and tablet expereinces

We conduct a lot of tests at AnswerLab. We test websites, mobile apps, paper prototypes, wireframes, software, and more. For some stimuli, such as a website, capturing the computer screen for observers to see and record is easy. For that we usually rely on Morae Recorder and some kind of streaming solution such as WebEx […]

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Twitter raises the bar

Built from their own API, the new raises the bar for Twitter clients, including their own. Not yet released for wide-spread usage, the new Twitter caused quite a stir recently as their PR event unveiled a ground-up redesign of the popular site. The new design is slowly being rolled out to users and while […]

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