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Our latest observations in user experience research.

Tag Archive: iPhone

Mobile User Insights

AnswerLab has been at the forefront of mobile user experience research since 2005, when we helped Yahoo! develop their first mobile web site.  With the launch of the iPhone 4S and voice-activated mobile experiences, we are confronting another game-changing way we engage with our mobile devices.  It seems like an opportune time to reflect on […]

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10 Mobile Usability Testing Tips

Years of mobile testing have led to a number of items that we, as user experience researchers, consider whenever we set out to conduct a test that takes place on a mobile device such as a personal phone or iPad. In somewhat more typical test, participants will arrive at a lab and use a generic […]

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Apple opens up to developers

Recently, Apple made a few significant announcements regarding apps and the App Store. 1. Developers can now use development tools other than Apple’s 2. Apple released the guidelines by which they review apps These are significant because up to this point, developers had to use Apple’s development environment to create iOS apps. For developers, […]

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The flexibility of an Android compared to an iPhone


Recently, I switched over from an Apple iPhone to a Motorola Droid. I think the iPhone is an amazing device and it does an excellent job of keeping my life in order. However, the release of the new Droid 2 beckoned and I made the switch. Now that I’ve been using the Droid as my […]

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