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Our latest observations in user experience research.

Tag Archive: international

6 Cultural Considerations When Conducting
International UX Research

It’s easier than ever to share your digital products and services with people around the globe. But wherever you go in the world, people are different. Do you know how your customers in other countries are reacting to your digital products? These days, building a great digital experience for all of your users often means […]

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Why Quantify? A Case Of International Website Benchmarking

It’s no secret that the world is becoming a smaller place with the wide array of digital products and services that are available today. The expansion of broadband service and the proliferation of Internet-enabled mobile devices are making it easier for businesses to connect with global audiences growing in both affluence and influence. International expansion […]

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International Approval! You’re Kidding, … Right?


Recently, AnswerLab conducted a research program to determine the correct direction for a global media’s site design. Across the US and Asia, the same concept was selected by both sets of users. The users’ underlying reasoning and thought process was unexpectedly enlightening. Digging deep into a user’s preferences is a major part of user testing, […]

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