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Our latest observations in user experience research.

Tag Archive: heuristic

2016 Election: A UX Race to the White House

2016 campaign site UX Best Practices - Campaign Buttons

Campaigns for the 2016 presidential election are in full swing and every candidate has some form of digital presence. As a user experience researcher, I’m fascinated by the many ways in which our lives are shaped, improved, and sometimes complicated by digital tools and experiences. So I dove into this rich topic to understand how […]

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We Tried It! Jauntful Curation Experience

Jauntful Map Builder UI

  Each week, the AnswerLab team shares our thoughts about a digital product or service that sparked our curiosity. What it is: is a web app that enables you to easily curate a map of places to visit in your favorite city. What works: I’ve used Jauntful to share my favorite spots from my […]

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How Does Your Website or App Stack Up Against UX Best Practices?

An Expert Evaluation Can Bring Your Digital Strategy into Focus This time of year, the AnswerLab team consults with many of our clients who are in the thick of year-end planning for various User Experience projects – whether it be a site redesign, enhancement, or new app. As year-end deadlines draw near, there are often […]

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