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Our latest observations in user experience research.

Tag Archive: giving back

Field Research Maps Kids’ Experiences of Two Bit Circus’ STEAM Carnival

UX Researchers at STEAM Carnival

At AnswerLab, we researchers are motivated by our curiosity and passion for digital innovation. So, we were thrilled to partner with Two Bit Circus — an organization whose mission is to inspire today’s children to become tomorrow’s innovators. Two Bit Circus is the creative group behind the STEAM Carnival, which is an effort to address […]

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These Students Got it RITE!

Credits or Catastrophes mobile app prototype

What can five high school girls do with a great mobile app idea in just twelve weeks? The Technovation Challenge team I recently mentored identified a problem in their community, built an Android app prototype from scratch to solve this problem, and pitched it to judges from around the world. Yes, after winning Regionals with […]

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Three Ways We Nurture AnswerLab Culture

AnswerLab Team Trivia Night

As we move forward on our mission to be the most trusted source for user experience research in the world, we are fully aware that our success depends almost exclusively on our ability to attract and retain a talented team. In looking back over the past few years, I’ve identified three initiatives that I think […]

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In The Season of Giving, An Update On AnswerLab Gives Back

AnswerLab Getting it done Solarthon

At AnswerLab, our mission is to improve the digital world. Central to that mission is delivering outstanding user experience research to our clients, but another way we work towards it is to actively seek out digital (and non-digital!) opportunities to have a positive impact on our community. Our Giving Back approach is multi-pronged, including team […]

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Four Students, an Android, and a (Virtual) Frog

During the past four months, I was part of something incredible – the 2012 Technovation Challenge! This national program pairs small groups of high school girls with women mentors within the technology industry, with the aim of inspiring girls to become entrepreneurs and see themselves as creators of technology. Each Wednesday evening for ten weeks, […]

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