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Our latest observations in user experience research.

Tag Archive: customer experience

Smartwatch Value Driver #4:
Leverage the Device Ecosystem

SW 4

Pop Quiz: Which of the following is best for extended content consumption? A) Tablet B) Newspaper C) Smartwatch If you chose ‘C,’ you’re absolutely incorr— PARDON THE INTERRUPTION. To continue reading, please switch to another device. Jarring, right? Downright annoying, actually. Smartwatch users hate mid-task interruptions, too, as we learned during our research partnership with […]

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UX Trend Watch:
Financial Services and Financial Advisor Interactions

Client and financial advisor review information on a tablet

One of the most interesting aspects of working in user experience is the opportunity to observe the way technology disrupts and re-shapes behaviors and relationships in business. This is particularly true in the financial services sector, where the advisor/client relationship continues to evolve as financial tools and information become more widely accessible to consumers. Prior […]

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Zipcar Puts the Customer in the Driver’s Seat and Delivers a Holistic User Experience


At AnswerLab, we advise many companies that grapple with a substantial strategic challenge: How to ensure they provide a seamless, unified customer experience across channels, including online, mobile, brick-n-mortar, and phone. Zipcar is clearly rising to the challenge, providing a holistic user experience across touchpoints. After joining AnswerLab in July, I signed up for a […]

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