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Our latest observations in user experience research.

Tag Archive: best practices

Find Your Fit: 9 Questions to Evaluate Potential User Experience Research Partners

Tetris blocks UX research firm fit

Let’s face it, none of us have infinite resources available at our jobs. You don’t always have the available expertise to get the user experience insights you need for every critical project. If you want to ensure that your user experience investments support their business objectives to reduce costs, increase revenue, enhance customer loyalty, or […]

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Transform Your UX Practice with AnswerLab’s Ecosystem Model of UX Performance

…Instead, AnswerLab offers a model that won’t take years to fully implement in order to have an influence on growing revenue, reducing costs, or increasing customer loyalty. This framework allows for more permutations of success and invites various players in the UX practice to influence change and collaborate for success.

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3 UX Elements of Game Changing Tablet Apps

Tablet apps

A Sneak Peek at AnswerLab’s Upcoming White Paper It’s not just about screen size.  Or what’s within arm’s reach.  Statistics are piling up about how people use the various devices they have at their disposal for different reasons.  At any one time, you may have access to your smartphone, tablet, PC, or TV but you […]

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Best Practices for Quantitative User Experience Research on Mobile Sites

Mobile Survey Taker

Mobile sites have evolved into a critical consumer touchpoint that impacts retention and conversion and ultimately the overall value of a brand. With 24/7 access, a mobile site is an essential element of a cross-platform, full digital strategy, allowing brands to deliver marketing or unique experiences in a totally different way from other channels. That’s why it is crucial to quantitatively measure the user experience on a mobile site to understand behaviors on the channel, track KPIs, ensure the user experience is optimized, and identify pain points and strategies for ongoing enhancements to drive overall engagement and provide an exceptional user experience.

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Do You Copy?

Do you copy?

Too often copy gets saved for last. Placing emphasis on the layout, look, and feel of a site or application while failing to address its written content can be a critical mistake. Copy is an integral part of the user experience, and leaving it out of the test plan means developers can miss key opportunities to improve upon the value proposition, nomenclature, contextual help, and instructional and error messaging that guide and engage users.

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How Does Your Website or App Stack Up Against UX Best Practices?

An Expert Evaluation Can Bring Your Digital Strategy into Focus This time of year, the AnswerLab team consults with many of our clients who are in the thick of year-end planning for various User Experience projects – whether it be a site redesign, enhancement, or new app. As year-end deadlines draw near, there are often […]

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10 Mobile Usability Testing Tips

Years of mobile testing have led to a number of items that we, as user experience researchers, consider whenever we set out to conduct a test that takes place on a mobile device such as a personal phone or iPad. In somewhat more typical test, participants will arrive at a lab and use a generic […]

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Why do research companies grow?

We were happy to be recognized as the fastest-growing user experience research firm for the second year in a row by Inc. magazine. Clients often ask the reason for our growth. We see three primary reasons. Based on our research of the industry’s needs and our follow-up surveys with clients, we’ve seen that clients value […]

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